Gastronomy Experiences in Gythio

Yee Healthy Bistro

Try delicious dishes from YeeOn’s bistro, offering authentic recipes with a modern touch

Yee Healthy Bistro

YeeOn’s gastronomy is rooted in a well-being philosophy that seamlessly blends modernity with local essence. The region’s rich culinary heritage inspires healthier and lighter recipes, preserving the authentic flavors and essential nutrients, offering local products with an emphasis on a healthy approach that makes gastronomy part of the well-being promoted by the overall philosophy of the hotel. This distinctive approach shapes the hotel’s cuisine.


    Breakfast gives the trigger for a full day in the city or the wider region and ‘charges’ the visitor with the necessary energy, giving options that promote the nutritional value of the ingredients, authenticity and locality. The prescribed menus are healthy, tasty options, with light heat treatment. The reference point is the Laconian products from Mani, Monemvasia, Gythio, Sparta and herbs from the mount Taygetos. Organic eggs, dairy products, fresh handmade bread as well as crispy pies, pastries, fresh vegetables and fruits shape the menu which is completed by healthy options in energy bowls with unprocessed cereals with nuts as well as vegan dishes.

    Brunch & All Day

    During the day and during afternoon/evening hours of operation, Yee Healthy Bistro serves local recipes in a ‘comfort-food’ version that promote culinary well-being, as well as popular hotel dishes, such as club sandwiches and burgers in interesting variations, using only local, fresh vegetables and famous ingredients such as Mani’s synglino.

    A salad menu with rich in vegetable and legumes salads, dressed with local herbs and extra virgin olive oil, snacks such as sandwiches with traditional bread and local cured meat and cheese, as well as some selections of characteristic Laconian dishes, form a miniature of the culinary map of the region.

    The menu may be offered in the rooms in the form of ‘in-room delivery’.


    The main direction of the bistro in terms of drinks is focused on providing healthy beverages, such as cold or hot tea made from mount Taygetos herbs, detox smoothies and juices, even refreshing alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails with an emphasis on local herbs. The bistro also offers a selected list of local wines and local beers.

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