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YeeOn Hotel Company (from now on the ‘’Company’’ or ‘’we’’) try to offer an experience, which corresponds to our visitors’ needs, using responsibly the information, which are collected through our website. We are committed to respect and conserve your privacy and conform to current legislation about the protection of data and privacy.

The processing of your personal data is undergoing by the present conditions, by the relevant provisions of the greek and community legal framework about the protection of data, including the General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679) and the relevant decisions, guidelines and regulations issued by the Hellenic Data Protection Authority.

The present Data Protection Policy (from now on the ‘’Policy’’) is an integral part and is incorporated into the Terms of Use of our website and it can be subjected to modifications. We advise you to check regularly the Privacy Policy, so you are informed of any modifications. With your visit and navigation to our website, you accept the Data Protection Policy and the Cookies Policy, as it is valid. In case that significant modifications are carried out, we will take care of the publication of a relevant notice to the visitors of our website.

The present Policy explains how we collect, process and/or use the data, which we take through our website, through the emails, which we send and through the applications for mobiles (from now on as the ‘’Platform’’ or if it concerns only the website, the term ‘’Website’’ is used) and which are related to the present Policy, as it is valid every time. Also, the present Policy describes your choices about the use, access, transfer, correction and deletion of your personal information.

Data that we collect

We collect information about you, so we offer our services. In order to offer our services to you in the best possible way and to fulfill our contractual obligations, it is necessary, that we can collect and use the data, which are described in the present Policy.

1 Data that we collect from you

When you give us your data, so you receive newsletters or other updates or/and sign in the offered programs /buy goods/services from our online shop, we collect and maintain your data solely for the purposes listed below. In this context, we collect the data, which you yourself provide us, like name, address, email, phone number, mobile phone, fax, data of credit card, date of birth and sex.

2 Data that we collect through automated means

When you use our website, your device automatically provides us with data, so we can serve and adapt our response to you. The type of information, that we collect through automated means, includes generally technical information about your computer, like the IP address or other identifier data of the device, the type of device, that you use and version of the operating system. Also, the data, that we collect, may include information of the use and statistics about your interaction with the website. Also, they may include information about the URL addresses of websites, that you visited, the referred pages and the exit pages, the page views, the time spent on a page, the number of clicks, the platform type, the location data (if you have enabled the access to your location), and other information about how you used the platform.

These information are collected using cookies and other similar tracking technologies. We encourage you to review our Cookies Policy to learn more about cookies, how to use them, and how you can control their use.

Why we collect your data

We process your data solely for the following purposes:

Provision of servicesWhen you have to give us your personal data through our website. We collect your personal data as to offer you our services, that you ask, to ensure that we satisfy your needs, when you use our services or/and to contact with you about issues relating to the provision of our services.
Sending of newsletterIf you give your consent by entering your data in the subscription field in our newsletter, we will save your data and send you newsletters and updates.
Improvement of provided servicesWe keep your data and the history of use of our services in order to extract statistics that allow us to evaluate better the visits and users’ navigation through our website in order to improve its content and its structure.
PromotionIf you give your consent, we will use your contact information to contact you in order to send you promotional material and to inform you of any special offers / discounts or other promotional activities.
Targeted advertisementIf you give your consent as to receive targeted advertisement based on your preferences or your categorization as a customer, we will use automated means to process the data, which you provide us and the history of your transactions through our website, so we send you news, special offers and promotional material according to your profile and your preferences.

Regarding the use of Data, which are collected through Cookies, please see the Cookies Policy.

Who receive and process your data

Only properly authorized employees or external partners acting on our behalf, can have access to your data for the above-mentioned processing purposes, by providing us with IT services for the record and the storage of your data or/and customer services or/and they send updates, promotional messages or conduct market surveys on our behalf.

For how long we maintain your data

The retention period may vary considerably depending on the type of data and how it is used. The determination of the retention time of the data is based on criteria such as legal retention periods, outstanding or potential differences, intellectual property or property rights, contractual requirements, operational instructions or needs and historical archiving. We will keep your data as long as you remain registered to receive our Newsletter. In the case of services we will keep them for 5 years from the last time you used one of our services. Then your data will be deleted, unless you resubmit your consent for their process. In any case, you have the right to request the interruption of communication for advertising purposes or/and the deletion of your information at any time.

Your rights

Our company assures your rights regarding the processing of personal data and their exercise.

You have the right:

1. To ask access to your personal data

2. To ask for the correction of your personal data if it is inaccurate or incomplete.

3. To request the deletion of your personal data unless such processing is necessary for the exercise of the legal rights of YeeOn Hotel or third parties, for the fulfillment of a legal obligation on grounds of public interest or for the defense of our legal rights in court or other authorities.

4. To ask the reduction of processing of your personal data only for specific purposes.

5. To revoke at any time your consent to the processing of your personal data for advertising purposes or/and targeted advertising by sending an email or a written request to using the following contact details. In this case, their process will stop by us for these purposes without affecting the legitimacy of any process until the withdrawal of your consent.

In order to exercise any of the above rights, we advise you to use the “Data Submission Request Form” and submit it according to the instructions provided on our website You can also send us an email or a written request using our contact details below.

If you believe that your rights about the Privacy Policy have violated, you can appeal to the Personal Data Protection Authority (

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